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Samantha Hernandez
Samantha, Eric and Jordynn


Rosenberg, Texas


Eric Salinas (2009)


Jordynn Salinas (Daughter) with Eric



Samantha Hernandez is an incoming high school senior from Rosenberg, Texas. Her mother, Soledad, was 16 when she got pregnant with Hernandez, and knows the struggles that she and her boyfriend, Eric Salinas, will face. Soledad and Salinas's mother do not get along, but they eventually reconcile. Salinas and Hernandez debate moving in together; Hernandez's house is small, and Soledad is also expecting a child. Hernandez's mother and father are both opposed to the idea and tell her that it will not make teenaged motherhood any easier. Ultimately, Hernandez decides to continue living with her mother. During labor, Hernandez has some painful back labor, and when she fails to dilate beyond three centimeters, her doctors decide she should have a C-section. Hernandez's daughter, Jordynn Amelia Marie Salinas, is born in December 2009. After Jordynn's birth, Salinas returns to work and school while Hernandez spends her days at home with the baby; this leads to tension between the couple as Hernandez feels that most of the burden of caring for Jordynn is falling on her. Hernandez gets help from Salinas's mother in raising the baby when she returns to school, and states that everything will be harder now that she is a teenaged mother.

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