Sabrina Solares is a 16 year old cheerleader from Los Angeles, California. She is pregnant by her boyfriend, Iman, who was a high school football player.

After becoming pregnant, she moves to Franklin, Tennessee to be near her mother. Sabrina and her sister, Rebecca live with their grandparents.

As Sabrina's due date approaches, Iman keeps promising to come to Tennessee on Sabrina's due date, but he is annoyed and short with Rebecca every time she calls.

After stating he's bought a plane ticket, Sabrina finds out a few days before her due date that he lied about having bought a ticket.

Due to complications, Sabrina is induced and their daughter, Audrey Animi Williams is born August 21, 2011 at 7lbs, 9oz. Iman shows up unannounced shortly after the baby is born to live in Tennessee.

On Sabrina's first day back in high school after Audrey is born, her sister Rebecca does not go to school.

Returning from school, Sabrina is told by Iman that Rebecca has transferred schools and Rebecca is going to live with her mother.

Sabrina is devastated because she feels abandoned by her sister. In the ending interview, she is sad about her sister, but happy with her baby and how things have turned out with Iman, including their engagement and plans to return to California despite Sabrina's mothers disapproval.

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