Nikkole Paulun

Nikkole Paulun pregnant again

Nikkole Paulun

Nikkole Paulun

Nikkole Paulun
Nikkole Paulun
Nikkole-paulun-16-and-pregnant (1)


Monroe, Michigan


Josh Drummonds (2009)


Lyle Drummonds (Son) with Josh



Nikkole Paulun is a cheerleader and incoming high school junior who lives in Monroe, Michigan, with her mother, Rikki, and her younger brother, Brett. Paulun's boyfriend, Josh Drummonds, breaks up with her when she tells him about her pregnancy. Later, they reconcile, only for him to continue to treat her with disrespect. The couple's fights continue during Paulun's labor, when Rikki and Drummond's mother argue over how they each perceive his treatment of all three women. In November 2009, Paulun gives birth to a baby boy named Lyle Thomas Drummonds. When Paulun discovers that Drummonds has been seeing his ex-girlfriend, Kyla, behind her back, she breaks up with him. Paulun returns to school and gets help from Drummond's mother to take care of Lyle during the school day.  Nikkole is 19 years old, her birthday is Septemeber 30th, 1993 and Lyle's birthday is November 5th, 2009. Nikkoles full name: Nikkole Cherie Paulun, Lyles full name: Lyle Thomas Drummonds, Joshua's full name: Joshua Thomas Drummond. And is pregnant again by Mike Sindone. Nikki loves Lyle really now Lyle in I.C.U.

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