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Nicole Fokos
Nicole and Tyler


Longwood, Florida


Tyler Keller (2009)


Brooklyn Keller (Daughter) with Tyler



Nicole Fokos is a teenager from Longwood, Florida. Her boyfriend, Tyler Keller, has experienced expulsion from school and an unstable home life; he currently lives with his grandmother and frequently sees his two younger sisters. Throughout her pregnancy, Fokos's mother is very supportive; in a voiceover, Fokos speculates that this is because her mother lost a child shortly after birth, and Fokos's father died two years later. In January 2010, Fokos gives birth to a daughter, Brooklyn Marie Keller. Fokos and Keller spend the first weeks of parenthood moving between houses and leaving Brooklyn with various family members in an attempt to lead normal teenaged lives. However, they later decide they need to spend more time with Brooklyn. Keller makes plans to finish his GED and gets a job to help support Brooklyn. At the end of the episode, Fokos states that it will be difficult to graduate high school, but she is determined to make it happen.

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