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Lori Wickelhaus


Fort Thomas, Kentucky


Cory Haskett (2009)


Aiden Benson (Son) with Cory



Lori Wickelhaus is a teenager from Fort Thomas, Kentucky who is pregnant and undecided about whether to keep the baby. Being adopted herself, she has some reservations as she does not want her son to go through the same things she did. Throughout the episode, Wickelhaus is unsure what she wants to do and feels pressure from all sides - her parents are pressuring her to give the child up for adoption, while Cory (her ex-boyfriend and the baby's father) and her friends want her to keep the baby. Cory invites Wickelhaus to move in with him so they can raise the child together, and her friends make plans to throw her a baby shower; both of these plans are met with resistance by Wickelhaus's parents. Wickelhaus and her mother meet with a couple, Brian and Jen, who have already adopted a son from one of Wickelhaus's friends. At the last minute, the couple turns Wickelhaus away; they state that they do not feel she is committed to adoption and because they do not have time to prepare for a newborn. Wickelhaus and her parents meet with another couple and the decision is made for them to adopt the baby. They agree on the name Aidan. Wickelhas delivers Aidan in December 2009. When Wickelhaus tells Cory that she plans to give Aidan up for adoption, he states that he does not want her to make that decision. When Aidan is two days old, an adoption ceremony is held and Wickelhaus leaves the hospital.

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