Kayla and Rylan

Kayla Jordan is a teenager from Centre, Alabama who loves to ride horses and compete in beauty pageants. She and her boyfriend, J.R. Davis, have been dating for six months and she's sure he's "the one." Both Jordan and Davis's parents have been really supportive. Davis works as a mechanic, and is hoping he and Jordan can find a place of their own to raise their baby by themselves. During a photo shoot Jordan's mom arranges, Davis proposes and she accepts, despite her feelings that their relationship is moving too quickly. Jordan's baby Rylan Jayce Davis is born in January 2010. Despite being premature, Rylan is pronounced healthy. Jordan goes back to school, and discovers she and her friends have grown apart. Davis wants to move into an apartment, but Jordan feels that without her parents help she would not be able to handle taking care of Rylan. On the 'Where are They Now' special Jordan tells us that her and Davis are broken up but will keep in touch and try to get along for the sake of Rylan