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Kayla Jackson is a 17 year old from Mankato, Minnesota. She was a softball player and gymnast with a big circle of girlfriends. She is pregnant by her boyfriend Mike Schwig, who lived about an hour away from her, and is a year older than her. She struggles from anorexia, which led to her being pregnant while in fact, still dealing with her anorexia. Jackson asks her mother for advice on how to lose weight while pregnant, but she says it'd be best if she didn't try to lose the weight. Due to her complications, Jackson has to have a C-section. On November, 2010 Jackson gave birth to a son named Preston Michael. After Preston's birth, Jackson's mother asks her to join her on a diet and that leads to a dent in their relationship. Jackson now lives with her father. Jackson later moved out of her father's house with Preston, Mike and a friend. Mike and Kayla are currently engaged. Mike is planning to join the army. This is a 90 minute episode.

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