Jordan Howard is pregnant by Tyler Zeplin. Jordan's mother, Kelly, will not allow Tyler in her home, which Jordan ascribes at least partially to Tyler's being white (Jordan and Kelly are black). Jordan is allowed to stay at Tyler's house with him and his parents while pregnant since Kelly works the graveyard shift, but Kelly makes it clear that Jordan and the baby will live with Kelly after the birth. As a result of comments made by Kelly about Tyler and threatening to withhold the epidural during the birth in front of everyone at Jordan's surprise baby shower, Jordan storms out. She and Tyler take the crib and baby clothes from Kelly's house in preparation for Jordan and the baby staying with Tyler and his parents. Kelly is initially angry but she eventually relents and gives Tyler an open door policy once the baby is born, so Jordan decides to move back home once the baby is born. Chase Alexander is born healthy on May 31, 2011. Tyler decides not to stay with the baby its first night home and is conspicuously absent the first few weeks of the baby's life. Eventually Tyler comes over and begins to argue with Jordan. This develops into a racially-tinged argument with Jordan's entire family, ending with Jordan's brothers chasing Tyler off the property. The episode concludes with Jordan dropping out of high school to take care of Chase.