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Jenelle Evans
Maci and Bentley


Oak Island, North Carolina


Andrew Lewis (2009)


Jace Evans (Son) with Andrew



Jenelle Evans is an incoming high school senior who lives in Oak Island, North Carolina. A "party girl," Evans lives with her mother, Barbara, and her mother's boyfriend, Mike. The father of Jenelle's child is her boyfriend, Andrew Lewis. Lewis, however, leaves town during Evans' pregnancy; when he calls her from jail following an arrest, she chooses to end their relationship. In August 2009, Evans gives birth to a son she names Jace Vahn Evans. Even after giving birth, Evans continues to slip back into her partying ways, leaving Barbara to take care of Jace. They argue frequently over Evans' behavior. At the end of the episode, Evans finally agrees to spend more time with her son, but asks for her mother's continued help as she does not feel she is capable of caring for him on her own. Barabara is then given custody of Jace and Jenelle continues to date Keiffer Delp, and they both get a series of arrests and charges. She marries Courtland Rogers in 2012, and becomes stepmother to Jordan, Courtland's daughter with baby mamma Taylor Lewis. 

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