Jamie McKay is a 17 year old senior honor student and student council member from Asheville, North Carolina who is pregnant by her boyfriend Ryan McElrath. McKay wants her daughter to have the father that she never had, but McElrath does not attend her doctor appointments, and McKay's own father finds out through MySpace that she is pregnant. McKay's mother and McElrath get into mild confrontations, which leads to McElrath ignoring and avoiding Jamie McKay. When McKay goes into labor, she is unable to contact McElrath. Five hours after she has been in labor, he shows up hungover, which causes another argument between McElrath and McKay's mother. McKay gave birth to a daughter, Miah Christine, in October, 2010. After Miah's birth, McElrath wants to spend time with Miah, but only at his house without McKay. McKay returns to school, and finds out that McElrath has been seeing another girl behind her back for several months. As a result, to protect Miah, McKay changes her phone number and agrees that it is better to let the court settle their custody dispute because she is trying to ensure that both of their parental rights are protected for the best interest of their child. Jamie and Ryan have since then gotten back together and continue to raise Miah.