Danielle with her son Jamie

Danielle Cunningham is a high school teenager from Columbus, Ohio who is pregnant by her boyfriend Jamie Alderman. Growing up, Cunningham was a rebel, so her grandmother offered to take her in to let her "start over" in a new town about an hour from her hometown. Cunningham's mother was against it, because she knew of the little guardianship that Cunningham's grandmother would show over her. Cunningham's mother was a teen single mother, and her biggest fear was that Danielle Cunningham would be a teen mom as well. Danielle Cunningham wants to prove that she is strong enough to be a mom. Alderman works at a local fast food restaurant, and the couple try to afford everything the baby needs. Cunningham gave birth to a son, Jamie Paul Jr. in October 2010. During his birth, his heart stopped, and they had to remove him through an emergency procedure, but he turns out fine. Cunningham ends the episode saying she wants Jamie Jr. to know that she always did her best to give him everything in the world