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Chelsea Houska
Chelsea, Aubree and Randy


Portal, North Dakota


Adam Lind (2009)


Aubree Houska (Daughter) with Adam



Chelsea Anne Houska is a high school senior from Portal, North Dakota and is pregnant by her boyfriend, Adam Lind. Lind does not want a baby at first, but according to Houska's narration he has warmed to the idea. Houska experiences a difficult pregnancy involving Braxton Hicks contractions. On Houska's first day of senior year, she goes into labor five weeks early and gives birth to a daughter Aubree Skye Houska,5 weeks early at 5 lbs 6 oz on September 7, 2009. Lind is uninterested in Aubree and becomes increasingly distant from Houska as he is more interested in his cars, characterizing her behavior as "annoying" and "nagging". Eventually, Lind sends Houska an abusive text message, calling Aubree a mistake. As a result, Houska makes the decision to change Aubree's last name to her own, renaming her Aubree Skye Houska. (

In 2014, she started dating Cole DeBoer and Adam has a second daughter, Paislee Mae Lind with ex girlfriend, Taylor Halburhjj

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