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Brooke Smitherman
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Mansfield, Texas


Cody Tarrant (2009)


Brody Tarrant (Son) with Cody



Brooke Smitherman is a high school junior at Legacy High School in Mansfield, Texas, an upper middle class suburb of Dallas/Ft. Worth. She met her boyfriend of two years, Cody Tarrant, at the race track. Recently, Tarrant proposed to Smitherman and moved in with her family; Tarrant wants to graduate early to take care of the baby when Brooke is back at school, but he fails his graduation test three times. Shortly after, Tarrant finally passes the test, just in time for Brooke's water to break in school, and she gives birth to a baby boy Brody Ryan Tarrant in January, 2010. Brooke realizes that motherhood is way more than she can handle, although she is grateful that she has a husband like Tarrant.

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