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Ashley Salazar is a high school senior with a passion for writing. She lives with her mom and her sister in McKinney, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Salazar relies on her mom for a lot, but she has big aspirations to move out soon, go to college in New York City, and study to become a photojournalist. However, she may have to reconsider her dreams because now Salazar is pregnant. Salazar and her ex-boyfriend, Justin Lane, didn't stay in touch after they broke up. With Lane out of the picture and her mom as her model of a single parent, Salazar knows that raising a baby alone won't come without huge sacrifices. After careful consideration, Salazar and her mother agree that adoption is the best option for her baby. Neither one of them has the resources to support a baby right now, nor can they afford the cost of a nanny or daycare. Though giving the baby up will be hard, Salazar knows it is the best thing for everyone. She makes an adoption plan with her aunt and uncle. In December 2009, Salazar gives birth to daughter, Callie Danielle. She has a difficult time signing the adoption papers, but eventually does so. After a few days, though, Salazar is still very miserable and decides to take Callie back. Her aunt and uncle agree to let her have a "trial period" with Callie, which ends up lasting over a month before Salazar finally decides that being with her aunt and uncle is what is best for Callie. This is a 90 minute episode. Ashley has since written a book about her experiences which sold well.

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